I have stayed away from the public arena for some time preferring to be elusive, retaining my anonymity. I have decided at last to step out from behind the curtain.

Have we met before? I have been a professional dominant since I was a teen. Always aware of my nature I began taking sessions in downtown Chicago while still in high school. If that sounds like a bit of titillation I assure you it is true. As luck would have it Chicago is a city that takes its kink very seriously. I was able discern my taste and distill my style at two houses before before going out on my own.

Since that time I have travelled extensively and learned much. My dominance is not a character that I play, it is woven through the core of my being. Therefore everything that I bring to the table is genuine no matter how dramatic or bizarre.

Our time is entirely based on you and I. Every scene is tailored specifically for my pleasure and your self discovery. My style is as dependent upon my mood as it is dependent upon the palpable magic that is our shared energy. I garner true enjoyment from my role as a pro dominant in part because I refuse to fake chemistry. In short, if it isn’t fun for me it just won’t be any fun at all.

If you would you like to know how to put a smile on my face you may continue to my interests.



Domina Thalia is a Chicago-based Dominatrix and Mistress who specializes in fetish, BDSM, sadomasochism, bondage, strap-on, and more. She is available for private BDSM coaching, training, and more.

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